Ski Season Has Arrived!

Li_bright_2Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resorts are now open for the 2015-16 season! The adaptive programs at both Mountain Sports Schools are geared up and lessons are now available. At Targhee contact Tara Sanders @ 1-800-TARGHEE ext 1303 or At JHMR Contact Jason Malczyk at 307-690-4774 or Some financial aid is available for lessons- contact Kurt Henry with Teton Adaptive Sports at 307-699-3554 or See you on the slopes! Henry_Standing_by_rail

Sled Hockey, Week 2! Success!

Hey hey all!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up yesterday for our second Sled Hockey session of the season. Special thanks to all the help we got from Jackson Hole Moose Hockey and all of the friends and family of Teton Adaptive Sports.

Check out some of what we were up to below!




Interested in participating? Our next Sled Session is December 6th! Want to register? Contact Liz Acosta-Mccune at

See you all next time! Stay tuned for updates :)

Don’t forget sled hockey next week, Nov. 8!

Did you know? Sled hockey debuted as a paralympic sport in 1994.

We’re all out on the ice to have fun, so sign on up and we’ll see you out there!

“This was definitely a stepping stone to get me involved in other adaptive sports.”
Here’s a video to get you all excited about the sport:

Video courtesy of Rampage Exclusive.

Also!! We are not solely looking to create paralympic athletes– sled hockey is for EVERYONE of EVERY ability. Check out the images of assisted sledding below . . . :)

Explore Possibilities!

CTA_MikeLeavitt_SledHockey_Idaho EP-150619616

Introducing: Sled Hockey! Come on out November 8th!

intro sled hockey flier (1) copy

Hey hey all!

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Teton Adaptive Sports was able to purchase SIX hockey sleds that will be available to demo for the first time on Sunday, November 8th from 3 – 4pm at the Snow King Ice Arena. An up and coming sport, sled hockey allows kids and adults with mobility issues get out on the ice and skate.

Pre-registration is required and spaces are limited, so sign up soon! For more information, see the flier above!

Want to register? Contact Liz Acosta-McCune at

Participation can vary from 100% assisted to fully independent skating! Let us know your need and we can get you out there!

Nikki meets the TrailRider

Nikki loading upRecently, local wheelchair athlete Nikki Thompson joined TAS Summer Program manager Cherene Vanian and friends Christie and Brian for her 1st experience with the TrailRider, an off road trekking device designed to allow people with limited mobility the opportunity to explore many places they may not be able to access in their wheelchair or even an off road handcycle. With the help of 2 “sherpas” even single track trails become accessible. Nikki was able to travel up the Cache Creek drainage, a local Jackson Hole area for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. For information on using the Trail Rider, contact Kurt Henry@ 307-699-3554 or Nikki om roadNikki-Cherene trailryder

“Getting the chance to move about on a hiking trail with the Trail Rider, for one of the first times in my life was a great experience.  Having lived in Jackson for 31 years, and never been on the Cache Creek trail was something not many people could believe.  The Trail Rider was a very smooth ride.  For the most part, I couldn’t even tell there were large rocks underneath me!  It was comfortable, and I felt very safe in it, with the help of my trustworthy companions.”


A weekend of community support

This weekend was an excellent demonstration of the supporting community that we live in. At Old Bills we gathered with other non profits on town square where each group educated, engaged and shared their passion, hoping that in return individuals and co-challengers would find their mission worth supporting. If Jackson was to be compared to a human body, each of these non profits would be a vertebrae, collectively making the back bone of our unique community. Old Bills, co-challengers and supporting  individuals would be the heart of these non profits, pumping and supporting us, making our goals possible. Adaptive athletes as well as all the people involved with every non profit in Jackson are the fingers and toes of our metaphorical body. They interact with the environment, challenging the body, creating new experiences and developing interpersonal relationships. It was truly inspirational to see all the “vertebrae” of our community, with all their passions and wild ideas, gathered together in support of our town. And the really remarkable part is to see the support given not only to Teton Adaptive Sports, but to all of the non profits of the Jackson area. Thank you Old Bills, Co-challengers and the individuals who support us, and make this community what it is!

kurt talking to a lady at old billscv at old bills

Paddling Day at String Lake!

Despite the clearing smoke from distant forest fires, Teton Adaptive Sports Paddling Day at String Lake was one of the best events of the summer!

smokey day in parkbryan and christy on raptor sup

We had an excellent turn out of adaptive athletes, wonderful support from out volunteers, and stellar instruction and gear from Rendezvous River Sports! From the 6 person SUP, to hand made wooden kayaks, peddle boats to tandem and single person kayaks, there really was something for everyone.

emily helping josh w kayakjosh bogle kayaking

Some people tried every kind of boat possible, while others found one that worked well for them and stuck with it. Her Josh gets geared up for a sit on top kayak. William finds that a SUP is a handy tool for taking a nap on the water. With warm summer days fleeting, it was the perfect opportunity to either get after it, or take it easy.

paddle board chilling in parkboats on string lake

Of course it wouldn’t be a paddle day with out the party boat! Mycah and Tim hold down the party boat and invite others to join the fun!

micha tim and bryan in party boatparty boatraft on string lake

The hot conversation of the day was the hand made wooden boats that Rich, Ian and Isabelle brought. Ian shows his excitement while riding in the beautiful craft.

rich and ian in wooden tandem

Many thanks to everyone who came out!