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WYDAHO Adaptive Mountain Bike Camp

Wydaho Adaptive MTB Rendezvous Map

Welcome to the Wydaho Adaptive Mountain Bike Rendezvous! We can’t wait to see everyone from past camps and meet everyone who is new! Here’s a map of helpful information for newcomers.

When you first arrive, follow the dirt road to the left of the main parking lot down the road to ‘Adaptive Camp’, which is the big, white tent. Get set up with your tent in the field near there, or in the Car Camping/RV part of the lower parking lot. Come back up the hill and check in at ‘Home Base’, or the pop-tents of Teton Adaptive Sports and other programs. From here, let the FUN begin!

Download a larger, printable PDF of this map. (Large file)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I bring my kids to Wydaho?

Kids are welcome to come to Wydaho but it is not a kids specific event. Children with physical disabilities can sign up for an adaptive bike lesson during the festival and will have to contact Cherene Vanian to do so in advance. Registration for these lessons will open May 1, 2020. 
Specific programming for children with cognitive or intellectual disabilities are not available at this time. 

What do my kids do while I'm riding?

Kids who are joining their parents who are involved in the adaptive sector of Wydaho can register through the Wydaho website to participate in kid specific activities and bike programs. Kids are not permitted on adaptive group rides or clinics.

What should I pack?


  • Closed-toe shoes (sneakers, biking shoes)
  • Sandals or casual shoes for camp
  • Athletic biking clothes for both warm weather and cold weather
  • Jacket, Raincoat
  • Sun hat, warm hat
  • Socks, underwear
  • Casual clothes for camp, both warm and cold weather

**You can expect weather ranging from 80 degrees and sunny to 32 degrees and raining. Having layers and options are key to staying comfortable. Bring synthetic or wool moisture wicking and insulating clothes and comfortable cotton clothes.

Camping gear:

  • Tent with rain fly and ground tarp
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camp chair
  • Sleeping pad, cot optional
  • Pillow
  • Headlamp
  • Coffee cup, utensils (to help us cut down on waste)
  • Toiletries and towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Small cooler with personal snacks/personal lunch, snacks you can bring with you on a ride
  • Personal drinks like beer, alcohol, juice, soda…whatever you like to drink besides water Coffee is provided in the morning with breakfast.
  • Free Wheel/off road wheels for easier access
  • Hawaiian shirt if you have one (just for fun)
  • Portable camping light if you have one (battery operated lantern or Christmas type lights)

Biking gear: (if you have it)

  • Helmet
  • Goggles for downhill or Sun/ dust/mud glasses
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Bike/trike if you have one
  • Extra bike tube for personal bike/trike
  • Padding/foam/skin protection for your body in trikes
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, chest protector, body armor
  • Biking gloves
  • Fanny pack/ small backpack or bike pack for personal snacks
  • Small personal first aid kit
  • Reusable water bottle
What are the adaptive bike choices to demo?

Four styles of mountain bike are available for participants to ride for free as a part of the registration package. Those bikes include standard (stand up two wheel bikes from various companies through the festival). Recumbent pedal trikes (three wheels, seated position with legs pedalling in front of body). Recumbent hand-cycles (three wheel, seated with legs in front of body, powered by arm pedalling, some with power assist). Prone position hand-cycles (body position legs under body, shoulders forward, arm powered, some with power assist).

Known models* that will be available for demo through adaptive registration package:

  • Reactive Adaptations – Nuke – both with e-assist and without
  • Reactive Adaptations – Bomber – one with e-assist
  • Reactive Adaptations – Stinger – no e-assist available at this time
  • Reactive Adaptations – Wildcat – no e-assist available at this time
  • Lasher All Terrain Handcycle
  • Sport On – Explorer-with e-assist
  • Ice Trike – Full Fat – no e-assist available at this time

*all will be available based on first come first serve sign up and will rotate through multiple riders

What does my registration cost cover?

By registering for the Adaptive Wydaho package and paying the $185 registration fee you will get the opportunity to demo a variety of adaptive mountain bikes, participate in clinics and group rides, ride lift-accessible terrain, receive a useful swag bag, get at 2020 Wydaho T-shirt, learn from the industry’s best riders and coaches, have a memorable camping experience, get two meals a day cooked for you (breakfast and dinner), accessible bathrooms close to camp, accessible parking and the opportunity to ride, camp and socialize with a community of adaptive mountain bikers and adaptive sports professionals.

What is the camping scene like?

You will have access to a large, fully accessible area for camping but will not have gear available. Accessible in this case means that it is fairly flat with packed dirt and short grass. You can get around with your wheelchair but a Freewheel and/or knobby tires are recommended. You will need to bring all of your own camping/sleeping gear. (See packing list) There will be an area to drop off camping gear at the camping area and then you will park your car nearby in the parking lot (about 50’-150’ away.) There is also an area to park your truck or camper nearby if you use that for sleeping. At camp there is a 20’x20’ tent where a kitchen and dining area is set up. Breakfast and Dinner will be cooked for you starting Friday night and ending Monday morning with breakfast. Lunch is on your own. Accessible restrooms and showers are in close proximity to the adaptive camp. Please come prepared with the necessities. Please see attached packing list. The suggested arrival time is between 4:00-6:30pm in order to set up and settle in before the events begin. Staff will be on site all day, ready to help accommodate and support whenever you show up.

What are other lodging options?

There is no accessible lodging available on site at Grand Targhee Resort but there are hotels located within 15 miles if you would prefer a more private setting, call for accessibility and pricing.
oSuper 8 by Wyndham, Driggs (
oTeton Teepee Lodge (
oTeton West Motel (

What about my food choices? What can I expect from group meals?

Breakfast and dinner Friday (9/4) evening through Monday (9/7) morning will be provided with dishes and utensils, please bring a personal coffee mug. There will be vegan and vegetarian options. NO lunch will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own lunches throughout the event but snacks will be available. Bring snacks with you on your ride. Be aware of bear country and have proper food storage for personal food and belongings. Below is what was served last year and this year will be very similar. If this menu does not suit you, you may have to bring supplemental food to accommodate.

Dinner Examples:
-Vegan Curry (vegan, GF)
-Tacos (Vegan, GF)
-Spaghetti and salad (Vegan, GF)

Breakfast Examples:
-Breakfast burritos (vegetarian, not vegan, GF if you don’t use a tortilla
-Bagels and cream cheese, fruit (vegetarian, GF bagels available)
-Oatmeal (vegan, GF)

GF = Gluten Free

What disabilities are accommodated during Wydaho?

The Adaptive sector of Wydaho is aimed to serve adults with physical disabilities. This includes but is not limited to spinal cord injuries, amputations, paralysis and partial paralysis, muscular and neurological disorders, physical congenital disabilities and more.

What bike clinics will be available?

Adaptive Clinic Examples*:

  • Skills and Techniques (lift accessible available)
  • Beginner cross country skills
  • Explore the valley (off site cross country ride)
  • Choose your line
  • Intro to downhill
  • Cross country endurance ride
  • Shoshone lift service group ride
  • Cross country group ride

* Subject to change

When should I plan to arrive and leave?

Plan to arrive between 4:00-6:30 on Friday (9/4) evening so that you can check in, get all the info you need and get settled before the Welcome dinner and program starts at 7:00. Staff will be around all day to help you transport gear to the camping area and set up. If you cannot make it by 6:30 on Friday you will miss part of the program and the best opportunity to get info about the weekend, sign up for clinics, rides and bike demos. Please make arrangements in your travel plans to accommodate this schedule. If you miss the first registration check in, there will be one more opportunity to check in at registration on Saturday between 9:00-9:30 a.m. up at the registration tent. (see map above for details.) If you arrive later than that you can anticipate delays in being able to participate in the program, clinics, demos etc.

Plan to leave mid morning or mid day on Monday (9/70 after breakfast. The kitchen tent and camp amenities will start to come down after breakfast and no bike demos will be available on Monday. If you have your own bike, you can still ride, but staff will be packing up and not necessarily available to help out.

When are bikes available to demo?

Bikes will be available to demo on Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Lifts close at 4:00 and all demo bikes are due back by 4:00 p.m. The reason for this is because mountain patrol closes soon after lifts close and staff need to get their bikes back so they can prepare for the next leg of programs such as cooking dinner or preparing for Shenanigans. Please be respectful of their time and generosity and return bikes on time.

Will I get to use the same bike all weekend?

There are a limited number of adaptive bikes available and many people are using Wydaho to test out several different kinds of bikes. We want everyone to have an opportunity to try out a bike they are interested in. There is a good chance that you will have to share a bike with someone else throughout the weekend. You can sign up for one bike for either a morning or afternoon slot. If there is nobody else that wants to try out the bike that you originally sign up for, yes you can continue to use it. (This can be quite convenient because the bike is adjusted to fit you and can be a time saver to not have to re-adjust as many bikes throughout the weekend.) But, if someone else is interested in trying out the bike that you were on earlier, please be gratuitous in sharing the resources available.

What other activities are going on throughout the weekend besides biking?

The Wydaho Festival does an excellent job of including adaptive riders into the festivities and therefore ‘Shenanigans’ on Saturday evening will be an inclusive adaptive event. Last year, we hosted a keg pull using adaptive bikes and it was a blast for the entire biking community and a great way for the general public to see what we are made of. There are also adaptive specific presentations on a variety of topics throughout the weekend like grant opportunities for adaptive athletes, maintenance and building of Reactive Adaptations bikes, opportunities for adaptive riders and more. Topics subject to change.

Can non-adaptive riders demo adaptive bikes?

Since there are fewer adaptive bikes at the festival than typical bikes, adaptive riders always get the priority to ride adaptive bikes. The general public is usually quite interested in all of our cool equipment so there is a discussion going on regarding if we can be inclusive of them and host a presentation and demo opportunity for the general public at Wydaho. It is still TBD.


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