Claire Perrin is the adaptive Physical Education teacher at Teton County School District and her network and knowledge of the local adaptive population is extensive. Not only does she do a remarkable job engaging with students and giving them the opportunity to do their best through PE, she is also the cross country ski coach for Special Olympics, participates in Teton Kids as a Ski Buddy, comes out to every paddle day, volunteer training, adaptive biking training and a variety of community events like the Food Tour as a helping hand to get people with disabilities connected and engaged in our active community.

She gives insight, experience and genuine warmth to those who participate in adaptive sports and she makes being part of TAS fun and approachable. We can not thank her enough for her dedication and involvement!

“Claire shares her time and energy so generously with the TAS family. Whatever the sport, whatever the weather… you know it’s going to be fun if Claire is there!”
–Christy Fox