Let’s ride in this delicious community event!

Teton Food Tour

Teton Village to R Park
1 Adult with a Disability
July 23, 2023 at 1 pm
Let’s pedal together adaptive style!

Teton Food Tour

Friends of Pathways will host their annual pedal-powered event celebrating community, local food and pathways. This year they are switching things up: Tour will start at Bodega, stop at Snake River Ranch, The Aspens, R Park and circle back for a Bonus Stop back at RPK3 at Teton Village! 

If you would like to participate in this year’s Teton Food Tour, Teton Adaptive can offer support via 1) adaptive bike use and adaptations 2) riding buddies 3) scholarship the cost of the ticket via our generous sponsors Bank of Jackson Hole! SIGN UP HERE BY JULY 19!

About the Teton Food Tour:
The Teton Food Tour celebrates food in the Tetons with an emphasis on sustainability. This annual afternoon event will start at Bodega in Teton Village and travel south along the pathway to R Park in Wilson. They’ve included a Bonus 5th Stop at RPK3 in Teton Village for those heading to Concert on the Commons! Participants (a.k.a eaters) will experience wide and ample tastes from each carefully selected food and beverage partners in beautiful and lively settings all from the convenience of a bike! There will be musical entertainment and family activities at various stops.

“I biked the Teton Food Tour two times with my family and TAS and I had fun. I liked the chicken sandwich the best!”

—Kurt F.


Please fill out this quick form for the free registration for one person with a disability and one guest. Thank you!










Friends of Pathways organizes this inclusive event with support from their sponsors and R Park


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