Amphitheater, Easy Does It, Grand, Sundance – These are some of our favorite ski runs at Jackson Hole and they all belong to the blue run category! The same is true of our newest sponsor Singleton | Peery Financial at the Blue Run level – They’re some of our favorites and we’re stoked to welcome them to the Teton Adaptive family!

Blue runs are approachable for most skiers. Singleton | Peery Financial is also approachable for people new to investment. We learned this long before they decided to sponsor us. We approached them to manage our 401K for our tiny team of only two full time and one part time employees with an equally small budget and they embraced us as they would any other organization. We found them fun and easy to work with, definite blue run material and we’re grateful.

Judy, Hadyn and the team are not only great at their jobs, they are great community members. They share the Teton Adaptive value of a community where we all band together to make sure no one is left out. Their sponsorship will help to make the year 2022 the most inclusive year yet in outdoor recreation in the Teton Area.

Learn more about this firm with deep roots in our community in the brief video below or at the website: