Teton Adaptive is delighted to announce it has tapped Joe Stone to serve as its next executive director. As the former director of mission, Stone is uniquely positioned to ensure the mission and vision are consistently carried out internally and well communicated to the greater Teton community and beyond, to continue cultivating partnerships and in developing staff and volunteers.

“Joe’s inclusive influence has already had rippling effects in the Jackson Hole community and we know that his innovative approach will help the organization continue to flourish and achieve its big goals,” said Board President Mike Fry. “His two plus years at Teton Adaptive and familiarity and alignment with the adaptive community have given him a head start to continuing the work we’ve done in making an impact for people with disabilities who live in and visit Jackson Hole.”

Prior to starting his director of mission role at Teton Adaptive in June 2020, Stone was a professional public speaker focusing on ability awareness and ran The Joe Stone Foundation whose mission was to help merge the disabled and able-bodied communities through activities that can be experienced together regardless of their ability level.

Stone started in his new position as Teton Adaptive’s executive director on October 16, 2022 and is already hard at work on strategic planning alongside the board of directors and in preparing for Teton Adaptive’s forthcoming programming and events.

“I’m excited to carry on the work Teton Adaptive has been doing for over 17 years!” said Stone. “My last decade has had a huge focus on building inclusion for people with disabilities in the outdoors and challenging the stigma along the way. I’m beyond excited to see what we can make happen here in Jackson Hole. There aren’t many organizations out there that support people with disabilities that are also led by people with disabilities. Being offered this position is a huge push forward for me and hopefully our community as a whole. ”