The Buckrail article entitled, Making GTNP more accessible for people with disabilities, by Julie Ellison features the work that Teton Adaptive has been working on and how numerous partnerships help to make that work possible.

“Increasing access for those with disabilities is definitely an NPS-wide initiative, and prior to the plan, [GTNP was] involved in making improvements to accessibility, but we were doing it more piece-meal as we had projects come up,” Reus said. “Now with the plan, one of our biggest tasks is putting it into place.”

That’s where Stone and Teton Adaptive come in. “He provides a perspective that we don’t have in the park,” Reus said. “Stone has been very proactive in reaching out to the park and establishing that relationship.”

Read the article at the Buckrail website to learn how our partners like Quinn Brett, Dave Reus from the Grand Teton National Park and the Grand Teton National Park Foundation are working alongside Teton Adaptive so that more people with disabilities can enjoy our neighboring park’s natural beauty!