Putting People First: The Harmful Effects of Ableism

We’re extremely excited to feature Mimi Dunbar’s Disability Discussions podcast mini series entitled, Putting People First: The Harmful Effects of Ableism, Language, and Objectification on our blog! A senior project for graduation from Jackson Hole Community School, the three-part series is a must listen for public consumption for understanding disability a bit more. Please press play above to hear Mimi’s first episode on ableism (a 27:22 minute listen) where she interviews Jackson Hole locals to gain a better understanding of this complex concept. Please share it with your family and friends, or anyone who you think may benefit from it. Check back next week for the next episode on language.

Image description: Li Dunbar (pictured in yellow bib) manages the puck while opponent Pierre Bergman (in a green and white Dallas Stars Jamie Benn jersey) maneuvers his sled during a sled hockey game at Snow King Events Center in Jackson Hole, Wyo.


Download the Ableism episode transcript here.