A Fundraising Dinner That Goes Above and Beyond

Last June, leaders of the local culinary scene—Chef Paulie O’Connor and Sommelier Mike Calla present a wine-paired tasting menu showcasing their expertise in Italy’s simplest pleasures. It’s back June 24, 2019 with a new menu, new wine selection, new chef and an inspiring new speaker!

Last year we heard from Lucas Onan, who completed the Teton Picnic Triathalon in record time without the use of one arm, and Kit Deslaurius, a local professional athlete and the first person to ski the seven summits. (See an image gallery of the event below) This year’s evening features a speaker who epitomizes the TAS Peak Achievement Program, a grant awarded to an Adaptive Athlete with a big goal. You’ll get to hear about Anna Soens’ mission to become the first paraplegic to climb Mt. Baker (and sit ski from the 10,781 foot summit)! An inspired four-course menu created by Chef Paulie O’Connor and prepared by Chef Jeremy Williamson, plus perfectly paired wines by Sommelier Mike Calla will accompany the captivating speaker Anna.

About This Year’s Peak Achieving Speaker Anna Soens:

Anna Soens Peak Achievement
A recipient of the TAS Peak Achievement Grant, Anna Soens recently set off on an adventure more ambitious than anything she had ever attempted before. On May 10, Anna and a crew of two guides and six friends, recruited to haul gear and share in laughter and sweat through many hours of slow toil, began their ascent towards the 11,781 ft. peak of Mt. Baker in the northern Cascades in Washington state.

As an incomplete paraplegic, with weak legs and a strong tendency to giggle through suffering, she used modified, custom-made “alpine crutches” to slowly walk and bear crawl towards the summit over the course of four days, and then sit skied from the top. The climb entailed navigating multiple crevasses, glacier travel, and no-fall skiing on the descent down steeps and through trees.

With quads and hip flexors being the only reliable muscle groups left in her legs after suffering a spinal cord injury in a climbing fall 3.5 years ago, this four-day climb challenged her physical and mental limits. Hear what happened and feel her inspiring athletic passion on Monday, June 24th at the luxurious Caldera House while wining and dining on a fab feast with perfectly paired Italian wines.

To join us, please contact executive director Christy Fox at (christy@tetonadaptivesports.com) or at 307-203-2223.

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