The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA, is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Thirty years after its inception many opportunities are still unavailable to people with disabilities and their families. With Adaptive Approved support businesses are prepared to invite people with disabilities to join the fun!

Teton Adaptive provides:

  • specialized equipment for adaptive outdoor recreation,
  • training of community partners for disability inclusion,
  • and scholarships for local athletes to make the outdoors accessible.

When you donate to Teton Adaptive you are not just helping a person with a disability access outdoor recreation today, you are helping to create a world where people with disabilities are welcome in all the same outdoor recreation pursuits as people without disabilities. Thank you for your gift!

Support us through Old Bill’s and your donation will be matched. OLDBILLS.ORG

[Image Description: For three days Quinn Brett was in town from the National Park Service and she and Joe Stone teamed up with Grand Teton National Park to assess the trail access for different types of mobility devices. They tested the Bowhead Corp Reach and Reactive Adaptations’ Bomber and found plenty of places that were great and plenty of places that need some work. The BEST part is the Grand Teton National Park is stoked to create more access for different mobility devices. The future for more inclusion is looking better than ever.]