Fourth of July Parade

Smile and wave. We’re in a parade!

Fourth of July Parade

Help us ‘parade’ all of our cool bikes or ride in the float through downtown Jackson with all of your TAS friends! You’ll be tasked with dressing up, riding on a float or an adaptive bike, and, of course, a lot of smiling and waving! Arrive at the Fairgrounds at 9:00 am on July 4 to board the float and then find our spot in the lineup for the parade. Parade starts at 10:30 am and finishes approximately around noon.


Equipment If you want to bring any Fourth of July decorations, please do.
Clothing: Please dress in comfortable clothing and wear plenty of sunscreen.
Date/Time: July 4, 2019 | 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Location:The Fairgrounds is at 305 West Snow King Ave., Jackson, WY


This event is perfect for all TAS groups: Teton Kids, Group Rides, and Wolf Pack (plus, friends and family).



  1. Start by filling out the TAS Intake Form (if you’ve never filled it out)
  2. Next, fill out the mandatory Contact Information form below choosing this event from the list. (Please use the name of the participant if you are registering for someone else.)
  3. If you haven’t signed a waiver and media release this calendar year, please do so below the form using the ‘Sign Waivers’ button.
  4. Finally, wait for the event! We’ll email with you any info about the event!

TAS Groups

• Teton Kids
• Group Rides
• Wolf Pack

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If you haven’t signed the waiver and liability release agreement and media agreement this year, you can do it online now! Save time at the event and get it signed electronically. English and Spanish available.

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