Astoria Hot Springs

Adults with Disabilities Soak at Astoria

Astoria Hot Springs and Park Conservancy
Adults with Disabilities +1
June 9th at 12-2:15 pm
Come ready to swim

Adaptive Soaking

Join Astoria Park Conservancy and Teton Adaptive June 9th at noon to 2:15pm for an exclusive soaking session at the hot springs!

Astoria believes that the outdoors are for everyone and works to create safe, inclusive spaces. It has two ADA accessible pools — the Leisure Pool and the Meadow Pool.

  • 12-2:15 pm
  • Sign up below – adults with a disability + 1 (bring your date, mom, bestie)
  • RSVP by June 2, 2022
  • This one is free!
  • Please read these rules & regulations at the bottom of the page here

This event was made possible through the generosity of Astoria Park Conservancy’s Access Fund.

“Exceeded my expectations. The staff was friendly and the grounds were immaculate. Very well kept Hot Spring and will be back. Plenty of room and I loved that you can bring your own snacks. Located just 20 minutes from Jackson Hole which made it very convenient. Highly recommend !”

—Cynthia K. via Yelp


Please fill out this quick form for the free registration for one person with a disability and one guest. Thank you!









Teton Rock Gym


This event was made possible through the generosity of Astoria Park Conservancy’s Access Fund.

Important Info to Follow from Astoria:

-We recommend flips flops, half of our paths are paved and half are gravel
-Bring your own Towels!
-Non-alcoholic beverages and outside food are allowed in the Hot Spring, Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted, you can purchase beer or spritzers from the snack shack.
-GLASS is NOT ALLOWED in the hot springs (this includes serving dishes, crock pots, glassware, etc)

-Please be considerate of the ending time and start winding down your party 30 minutes prior to the session ending time.
-Come ready to swim, we do have changing rooms but space is limited with larger parties.
-An adult must accompany children in the water who are less than 3.5 feet tall or non-swimmers and must remain in the hot springs area with their children under 8 years old.
-Astoria Hot Springs does not have a lifeguard on duty at any time.
Thank You!


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