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Adaptive Cycling JH

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a great place to visit and ride on roads and its extensive pathways system. We want to make sure that cycling in Jackson Hole is accessible to people with disabilities so we’re working to offer ways and support for everyBODY to get out there and enjoy the pavement with the best views in the world. In partnership with Teton Adaptive, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) now offers adaptive cycling lessons and we and a partner provide demos. We are proud to provide the training, equipment and scholarships while JHMR shares their world class terrain, lift access and instructors. See below some of the offerings and how to book cycling lessons. Scholarships are available on some offerings for those who qualify.

Riding my hand cycle in Jackson Hole has given me hours of enjoyment and freedom. I’m glad Teton Adaptive and JHMR are here to support others in my favorite pastime

—John Zendler

Peruse Pathways

Adaptive Cycling Jackson Hole

We’re really lucky to have abundant pathways through partnerships between organizations like Friends of Pathways, Teton County, Grand Teton National Park, and Wyoming Pathways. In partnership with Teton Adaptive, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) now offers adaptive cycling lessons. We are proud to provide the training, equipment and scholarships while JHMR shares their world class terrain, lift access and instructors. 

Pathways Trail Map

Cruise almost 70 miles on pathways in the Jackson Hole area with this handy map from Friends of Pathways.

Tip: Ring your bell when passing others on the pathway. More pathway etiquette info here.

*Purchase of a package of four lessons are eligible for scholarships, if you qualify. Fill out the application here before you book with JHMR.

Four Adaptive Lessons

Really get to know the bike and pathways with a four pack of lessons from JHMR!

  • 3 hours each day
  • Bike, helmet, fitting included
  • Skill teaching and guide
Four aMTB Downhill Lessons


Single Adaptive Cycling Lesson

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  • Bike Rental
  • Helmet
  • Skill teaching and guide services
One aMTB Downhill Lesson


Demo a Bike Wheel Wranglers

Our partner Wheel Wranglers has two trikes in their fleet. Add one to their other bikes and get the whole family out together!

  • Bike, helmet and lock included
  • Delivery
  • Guides available
Price for 1 Day 


Demo a Bike

Don’t need a lesson, do need a ride? Demo a bike from the Teton Adaptive fleet and ride out from our office in Teton Village.

  • Fitting $50
  • Demo a bike for the day $20
  • Additional days $20 per day
Price for 1 Day


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Adaptive Road Riding Opportunities

Location & Nearby Adaptive Road Cycling

The Jackson Hole area has amazing cycling opportunities for people with disabilities! Here are some of the pathways and places we love to hand cycle and other types of road cycling. Join us on one of our weekly group rides for people with disabilities.

Pathway System

The Jackson Hole area has an awesome pathway system comprising almost 70 miles with views that will leave you awestruck! Through a partnership between organizations like Teton County, Friends of Pathways, Wyoming Pathways and Grand Teton National Park we are lucky to have paved pathways that enable us to ride without having to worry about cars!

In fact our office is located just off one of the pathways that runs along HWY 390 (AKA the Village Rd.), so it’s great location to start an adaptive ride. Please find a pathway map from Friends of Pathways here to plan your next ride!

Adaptive road cycling in Jackson Hole Map from Friends of Pathways

Adaptive Group Rides
Group Rides are weekly meetups of adults with Physical Disabilities on bikes and trikes. We ride out from the starting location at our own pace and meet back at the end for air high fives and planning the next ride. You are welcome to bring a friend or a family member. Please let us know that you are coming and if you need to demo any Teton Adaptive gear, or if you would like a buddy to assist you.
For the 2021 season, Group Rides will be scheduled on Tuesdays at 5:15pm. At the meetup spot and anytime we are in close proximity we will wear masks for each other’s safety. Group Rides are free to participate, donations are always appreciated.

When: Weekly from 5:15pm to 7:15pm on Tuesday from Tues., June 1 to Tue Sept. 28 Mountain Time
Please contact us at info@tetonadaptivesports.com or 307-203-2333 to register for the first time.

See Jackson Hole by Bike

Learn to Ride an Adaptive Bike with a Lesson

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