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Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a great place to visit and engage in thrilling outdoor activities such as paragliding. We want to make sure that paragliding in Jackson Hole is accessible to people with disabilities, so we’re working to offer ways and support for everyBODY to get out there and enjoy the air above Jackson Hole with the best views in the world. In partnership with Teton Adaptive and Project Airtime, JH Paragliding now offers adaptive instructional tandem flights from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). We are proud to provide the training, equipment and scholarships while JHMR shares their world class terrain, lift access. See below some of the offerings and how to book your instructional tandem flight. Scholarships are available on some offerings for those who qualify.

“Would I do this a million times?” Ricci asked. “Yes! Yes, I would. I definitely want more of this.”

—Sherene Ricci

Fly Through the Air

Adaptive Paragliding Now in Jackson Hole

We’re really excited to launch adaptive paragliding instructional tandem flights through partnerships with organizations JH Paragliding, Project Airtime, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We are proud to provide the training, equipment and scholarships while JHMR shares their world class terrain and lift access and JH Paragliding offers expert instructors. 

How it Works

  1. Contact Joe Stone at Teton Adaptive
  2. Chat with Joe, an experienced adaptive paraglider
  3. He’ll work with JH Paragliding to get you booked
  4. Pay here
  5. Fill out scholarship form here (if you need)
  6. Fly! Soar! Smile!

*Adaptive instructional tandem flights are eligible for scholarships, if you qualify. Fill out the application here before you book with JHMR. Scholarships are generously provided by Bank of Jackson Hole.

Instructional Tandem Flight

Fly from the top of the Bridger Gondola at JHMR with an expert pilot!

  • Half hour of fun
  • Chair, helmet, fitting included
  • Skilled pilot and guide
Adaptive Instructional Tandem Flight


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