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These organizations and outfitters above have our stamp of approval in the Adaptive Approved program. They’ve received training and people with disabilities are welcome for inclusive experiences.

Meet Joe Stone

I’m a paragliding pilot, mountain biker, cyclist, skier, paddler, van lifer, public speaker, filmmaker and wildlife photographer who has a deep passion for the outdoors. I’m also a C7 quadriplegic who’s heard ‘No’ a few too many times when I want to get outdoors.

My passion is helping businesses like yours provide services to people with disabilities. You are the one providing transformative tourism experiences in a confident and intelligent way, I’m YOUR support. I’m one of the creators and teachers of the Adaptive Approved training course that will help you gain valuable knowledge to work with all people and further inclusive tourism.

Say ‘Yes’ to this course instead of saying ‘No’ to future customers with disabilities!

“We loved learning how to work with people with disabilities and now we’ve been able to work with more Jackson Hole visitors who can go on our paddling outings with their family and friends!”
—Aaron Pruzan, Rendezvous River Sports

How it Works to Get Certified

Enroll in Course

Get in touch with Joe to get your organization started! Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but you’ll be glad you did it!

Take the Course

Learn, absorb and practice the materials and procedures presented by trainers and multimedia.

Get Certified

Upon completion your business will get a site visit and then you can proudly display that People with Disabilities are Welcome with our Adaptive Approved certification pack!


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Our mission is to promote, support and develop outdoor sports and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities living in and visiting the Greater Teton Area.