This past weekend we got the chance to take two Team Bronco Ambassadors, Micayla Gatto and Tyrhee Moore, riding in Jackson Hole to introduce them to adaptive mountain biking (aMTB)! They’d never been on adaptive mountain bikes so they had a brief lesson on Bowhead Reach adventure bikes and the athletes learned really quickly on the accessible trails in the Cache Creek area. They also came to Jackson Hole to hand deliver a $20,000 grant from the Bronco Wild Fund to Teton Adaptive for which we are super grateful!

The outing was just part of much bigger project from a partnership between Ford Bronco Wild Fund, Wyoming Office of Tourism and Outside. The partnership will include a new online video series, Wildly Wyoming, which will air this July on streaming services and Outside TV.

The five-episode series will showcase three groups of Team Bronco Ambassadors setting out on adventure-packed paths across Wyoming. On each route, teams will meet up with locals, guides and organizations that focus on access, preservation, and stewardship. The Team Bronco Ambassadors will learn what is needed to care for the untamed, wild spirit of Wyoming’s land and its people while competing in physical and Ford Bronco-based challenges. A total of $70,000 will ultimately be awarded by Bronco Wild Fund to charitable organizations, which will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned!

About Bronco Wild Fund:
True to Ford’s commitment to building a more sustainable and inclusive future, Bronco Wild Fund reflects a deep respect for our public lands and an unbridled commitment to helping those lands continue to be a world of wonder for all. A portion of the profits from every Bronco sold goes directly to BWF initiatives with like-minded agencies, organizations, and everyday heroes devoted to keeping the great outdoors great. Last year, Bronco Wild Fund contributed more than $1.85 million to benefit the outdoors through donations, collaborative projects and grant awards. To learn more about sustainability at Ford and the Bronco Wild Fund visit and