Our mission is to promote, support and develop outdoor sports and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities living in and visiting the Greater Teton Area.





TAS Core Values: Inclusive Outdoor Recreation

At TAS we believe in outdoor recreation that includes all abilities. We strive for equal access to opportunities to improve quality of life. That’s what outdoor recreation is about!


As members of our community, adaptive athletes should have the same access to outdoor recreation as everyone else. We believe that separate is not equal. By equipping and training outfitters, ski and bike programs and community organizers to include and plan for people of all abilities we strive for inclusion!


TAS began with a ski program, as most adaptive sports outfits do! We find that skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, boating and biking bring us joy. Great friendships and skills are forged while participating in outdoor recreation. It is our mission to make outdoor recreation more accessible and inclusive of people with different abilities.


It’s about fun! When we are outside connecting with our environment, learning new ways to cover ground and spending quality time with people we care about our lives and our health improve. TAS and other recreation providers are in the quality of life business.

Our inclusive journey started in 2005

We’ve come to a radical realization… we should not be here. In a perfect Jackson Hole there would be no need for Teton Adaptive. That’s because kids, adults and veterans with disabilities should have the same access to skiing, cycling, mountain biking, boating, hockey as everyone else. We’re going to make that happen.

In 2005 a few Jackson Hole ski instructors asked a few local philanthropists to help them purchase adaptive ski equipment for the local skiers with disabilities to use at JHMR and a model of inclusion was born.

Other adaptive programs in the USA don’t use this model. Other programs have separate facilities for people with disabilities. Here in Jackson Hole our adaptive ski programs have always been a collaboration between the nonprofit and the ski corp since day one. We call this the “Adaptive Approved” model. Adaptive Approved businesses are trained, equipped and ready to serve people with disabilities. We provide those businesses with what they need to invite people with disabilities confidently and inclusively. Equality of opportunity and accessibility.



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Phone: 307.203.2223
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