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Volunteers are the life blood of Teton Adaptive Sports. Join the TAS Family by volunteering today!

Become a Volunteer Adaptive Recreation Event Specialist

Volunteer Key responsibilities:

  • Set up/move adaptive equipment including but not limited to bikes, boats, fishing gear, ski and snowboard equipment, etc.
  • Provide a low risk and fun environment in which adaptive athletes can use said equipment by spotting and assisting athletes and managing risks.
  • Prepare and clean up events including food, gear, equipment and promotional booth materials.
  • Distribute and collect paperwork from participants.
  • Socialize and engage with adaptive athletes, volunteers, staff, the community and partner organizations.
  • Share your knowledge and skills about adaptive recreation

Volunteer Skills:

  • Speaking to people who have disabilities with ”People First language” ie: don’t say “a wheelchair bound person.” Do say “a person who uses a wheelchair.” Don’t say “an autistic person.” Do say “a person who has autism.”
  • Helping with transfers. Communicating with participant about how he/she transfers in and out of a wheelchair and executing this in a respectful way while paying attention to risk management.
  • Any specific recreation skills and knowledge will be used during that activity.
  • Any knowledge of how to work with people who have disabilities will be used throughout.

Volunteer Benefits:
We are a small organization making a big impact on people’s lives. You will be part of a community and family that is unique and meaningful. We like to show our appreciation through hosting volunteer thank you dinners and parties, providing letters of recommendation, giving away swag and t-shirts, and HAVING FUN! If there is something you are hoping to gain through your volunteer experience with TAS, please share this with us so we can have a chance at providing it.


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TAS is a chapter of Disabled Sports USA