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Teton Adaptive Sports (TAS) was formed in the spring of 2005 in Teton County and is the first non-profit in Wyoming to be associated as a chapter with Disabled Sports/USA. Our mission is to promote and support sports and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities living in and visiting the Greater Teton Area. Headquartered in Jackson Hole, Teton Adaptive Sports is centered in a region known for endless outdoor adventures. TAS was initially created as a support organization for the Adaptive Ski Programs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort; to provide funding for adaptive ski equipment, instructor training, and financial assistance for individuals taking adaptive ski lessons. The summer of 2008 marked efforts by Teton Adaptive Sports to encourage and assist with the development of year round adaptive opportunities. Our model is to partner with existing recreation providers to enhance their ability to deliver a quality experience, while developing our own “in house” possibilities. We are in the business of growing and enhancing opportunities. The core TAS belief is that active participation in sports and recreation promotes individuals’ physical strength, develops confidence and self esteem, forges relationships, and contributes to a level of enjoyment and quality of life that otherwise might not be experienced. And then there’s the fun part…

Disabled Sports/USA was formed in 1967 by a group of disabled Vietnam veterans and is dedicated to the promotion of sports and recreation for people with disabilities. The organization is a nationwide network of community based chapters that serve over 60,000 people with year round activities and competitions. In addition DS/USA has been designated the lead agency to provide sports rehabilitation for permanently disabled service members through the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project. DS/USA is a nonprofit, tax exempt, educational organization and is sponsored primarily by corporate grants and donations from the private sector.

Kurt HenryExecutive Director Kurt Henry first began working with people with developmental disabilities in the early 1970’s while earning a degree in Psychology and the Humanities at Ohio University. Over the years, Kurt has worked in the classroom, residential programs and vocational programs, but prefers the recreational arena. He worked as a therapeutic wilderness instructor for 15 years and has been involved with the adaptive ski program at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the past 20 years, as an instructor and program supervisor. He is one of the TAS founders. Kurt and his family have lived in Jackson, Wyoming for 30 years and he adamantly believes in the magic of the Tetons

Cherene pic Summer Program Manager Cherene Vanian moved to Jackson Hole in 2006 after graduating from Colorado State University. She first became involved with Teton Adaptive Sports when she began teaching adaptive skiing for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in 2009. Upon being exposed to the unique and rewarding world of adaptive sports, Cherene became interested in being a part of Teton Adaptive Sports year round. Her experience raft guiding, rock climbing and utilizing the greater Teton area as an opportunity for adventure, allows her to share her knowledge of adventure sports with the adaptive community in Jackson Hole. She is thrilled to be part of an amazing project and looks forward to developing more fun and exciting opportunities for the adaptive community.


Teton Adaptive Sports
PO Box 2894
Jackson, WY 83001
307 699 3554

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A weekend of community support

This weekend was an excellent demonstration of the supporting community that we live in. At Old Bills we gathered with other non profits on town square where each group educated, engaged and shared their passion, hoping that in return individuals and co-challengers would find their mission worth supporting. If Jackson was to be compared to a human body, each of these non profits would be a vertebrae, collectively making the back bone of our unique community. Old Bills, co-challengers and supporting  individuals would be the heart of these non profits, pumping and supporting us, making our goals possible. Adaptive athletes as well as all the people involved with every non profit in Jackson are the fingers and toes of our metaphorical body. They interact with the environment, challenging the body, creating new experiences and developing interpersonal relationships. It was truly inspirational to see all the “vertebrae” of our community, with all their passions and wild ideas, gathered together in support of our town. And the really remarkable part is to see the support given not only to Teton Adaptive Sports, but to all of the non profits of the Jackson area. Thank you Old Bills, Co-challengers and the individuals who support us, and make this community what it is!

kurt talking to a lady at old billscv at old bills

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