A weekend of community support

This weekend was an excellent demonstration of the supporting community that we live in. At Old Bills we gathered with other non profits on town square where each group educated, engaged and shared their passion, hoping that in return individuals and co-challengers would find their mission worth supporting. If Jackson was to be compared to a human body, each of these non profits would be a vertebrae, collectively making the back bone of our unique community. Old Bills, co-challengers and supporting  individuals would be the heart of these non profits, pumping and supporting us, making our goals possible. Adaptive athletes as well as all the people involved with every non profit in Jackson are the fingers and toes of our metaphorical body. They interact with the environment, challenging the body, creating new experiences and developing interpersonal relationships. It was truly inspirational to see all the “vertebrae” of our community, with all their passions and wild ideas, gathered together in support of our town. And the really remarkable part is to see the support given not only to Teton Adaptive Sports, but to all of the non profits of the Jackson area. Thank you Old Bills, Co-challengers and the individuals who support us, and make this community what it is!

kurt talking to a lady at old billscv at old bills

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