Magical Granite Canyon Camping

“Where is the moon?” Ty asks as he roasts his s’more over the fire. Soon the giant golden full moon peaks through the pines as people make their way to their tents. It was a full day of playing corn hole, walking to Granite Falls and checking out the hot springs. The timing was spot on as our camping trip happened to fall on the warmest weekend in a month. A strong representation from CES made for a fun and cheerful group dynamic. Here a few folks relax by the river at the base of Granite Falls.

ces group by river

Ty was feeling more adventurous so Cherene, Rob and he forged the river to check out the natural hot springs at the base of the falls.

cherene ty selfie at fallsty and rob in hippie pool

We returned to the camp to find Josh and his cute dog Maya had joined the group. But the day was young and Ty was wanting to explore the developed pool above the falls. Others decided to soak up the sun while playing corn hole. Cassie and Zach had the afternoon cut out for them as they found a nice place in the shade to relax. The mid 80 degree weather and 100 degree water made for a not very crowded pool. Here’s Ty checking out the source of the hot springs, and Cassie, Zach, Amy and Terrissa chilling in the shade at camp.

ty in poolcassie zach amy terrissa

Upon returning we found it time for some campfire grill cooking. The stove that was tried and tested just hours before decided to test us by not working. But fear not, we know how to adapt! So we cooked spaghetti on the grill which worked surprisingly well. A special thanks to Steve and Wayne who manned the grill.

steve wayne cookinggroup at dinner

After dinner we decided to go walk up to the falls. Again, the timing was perfect as we got to catch a beautiful sun set. Robbie and Frank the dog are deep in middle of a staring contest during this photo. It was a pleasure to have two furry friends along with us on this adventure…Maya and Frank really added to the fun!

group w dogsgroup w mountain

To finish the night off we roasted s’mores and watched as the full moon made its appearance over the tall pines. There was no problem sleeping that night with the cool summer air in our lungs and a feeling of contentment after a fun day in the sun sent us to sleep promptly. The next day we all woke up refreshed and ready to drink a cup of joe around the campfire. Breaking down camp was bitter sweet as we all thoroughly enjoyed our time in Granite Canyon. Maybe next year we can spend two night!


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