Bike Rally and BBQ 2015

Mother nature was gracious to us on the day of the Bike Rally and BBQ. As dark clouds stayed at bay, we rolled out our assortment of biking gear and barbecue supplies. Jonah and Van took a particular liking to the obstacle course. Ian’s balance and biking skills have improved tremendously since our last biking event! He really demonstrated his moves as he flowed through the obstacle course and set the pace on our ride through the bike paths near the Middle School.

ian and rich biking

Nikki set the example for us all on how to be flexible and adapt with what is available. She tried out a bike that she has never tried before and crushed it on our group ride!

nikki on hand cycle

Everyone showed up with an open mind and a great attitude which made it a very fun day. What a great group of people!  Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and supported our day biking! A special thanks to Garth and Christy Gillespie who rented us their truck to transport all of our gear!

group biking 2015odie hand cycle 4bike rally 2015

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