Kurt & Deb – website updating

Kurt & Deb are hard at work today, updating the new website!  Keep your eyes open for new posts from both of them as they will be providing news and updates on this site for the various activities and events at Teton Adaptive Sports.

One thought on “Kurt & Deb – website updating

  1. Henry Dog,
    Well I guess I should temper that intro immediately, seeing as Deb looks the same as ever, and I have hit 60 and you haven’t, yet.
    Hope you both are doing great.
    Heh, I live in Provo, Utah now. 1975N 1400E, Provo,UT 84604
    right next to Rock Canyon and Squaw Peak. My kids climbed to the top a few months ago, no prayer for me.

    I think it’s only about 5 hours from here to there. Need to work for a while, to garner some travel funds and will be up to see you. Meg is rehabing her knee from a little twisty the other day. Where’s Matt nowadays.I hope he is doing well but I forget where you said he is nowadays. Is he married with kids by now? I am looking forward to see Peter in a few weeks, as I head back to Palo Cedro CA to hopefully set up some renters in our house which hasn’t sold, dear old 10390 Happy Hollow Lane, sweet little place, so many memories, so much sweat put into it, and everybody wants a foreclosure. Hmm.

    Meg’s doing a new job here. Just started GYN only, no more delivering babies in the middle of the night. She’s loving this. I just ended a field examiner job with one of the primary psych test publishers, helping re-standardize a cognitive abilities test. Boring, but they call it work. Got to put lots of smiles on kids and adults faces paying them $25-50 an hour for taking our beta test battery. In between projects now, great time to ski.

    Nice group photo on top of the mountain. Wasn’t Rondezvous bowl was it?

    Well I wish for you two to Keep Smiling.

    As Art said a while back when I ask how he was doing, he said, “A day above ground is always better than a day below…” Apparently he was denying some fibrillation a while back and nearly saw the great white light…
    You know, I’m thinking, maybe we could take a joint adventure trip down to see him, have Weigs drive from Bel Air, MD, and we’d have a ball.
    When’s the best time of year for you two to take a road trip to FLa. ?

    So what’s your address nowadays. Any small corners to crash in? You interested in a surprise from Peter’s, :)?

    I would guess you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Prime season. Maybe Deb can put on the red hat and lead us down a few easy powder runs. Any snow there yet?

    Keep in touch, I know I’ve been lousy at it, but there are fewer days left now, so let’s have some fun again.

    ken and meg

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